lørdag den 9. juli 2016


Dear Istanbul.
I just left you. You are so embracing warm and kind, my mind improving. Almost like feeling right at home; to be a visitor, a foreign and at home at once.
You are all sorts of sounds; the five daily prayers, weekend dance beats, ferry horns spout and cats wailing.
You are winding streets, hills, domes and spiers and dilapidated wooden houses.
You are Simit for breakfast, stuffed mussels on a street corner, Bomonti beer and tomatoes that actually taste of tomatoes.
You are humans with beautiful and fragile stories. You are diversity, love and fear, living side by side.

But Istanbul, you are also a variety struggles. you are syrian children in the streets, a massive police state, closed streets in the center on May 1st, oppression of Kurds, LGBT and other minorities, desires for entry into the Promised Europe. You are also disillusioned dreams and abuse of power.

Istanbul, I fell for you.